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Office Hours:
Monday–Friday, 6 a.m.–8 p.m.

Specialties Include:
CAD, Dies, Optics, & Drafting
Grinding, Machining, & Broaching
Pneumatics & Prototypes
Hydraulics & Fabrication
Sheet Metal & Model Making
Cutter Grinding & Equipment Racks
Jigs & Fixtures
Mechanical Design
Land & Lot Layouts
Turning & Threading
Wave Guide Fabrication
Research & Development
Architectural Drawings
ISO Documentation Capabilities
Instrument Design & Manufacturing
Aircraft Airframe Structure
Aircraft Instrument Integration


NASA WRB-57 High Altitude labboratory. Zinger Enterprizes Inc. built the bombay pallets for GSFC. (Goddard Space Flight Center)


NASA F-106B Carl worked on this project through a sub contractor.
NOAA P-3 Hurricane hunter. Zinger built and installed the SRA ( Scanning Radar Altimeter) Used to measure Storm surges in hurricanes.
noaa p-3

Pilatus PC-6 U.S. Dept. Interior USGS.

Zinger fabricated mounts,brackets, frames and instalation of EAARL
(Experimental Advanced Airborne Research Lidar)

A LIDAR for Bethymetric and Topographic mapping.
That Zinger also built.


noaa p-3

NASA Lockheed P-3 Orion.
Zinger has performed extensive modifications to this aircraft.
Building numerous instrument installations, pressure ports, mounts, racks, structural frames.etc.

Flying composite radar antennas, Bombay mods and instrument installations.




Collection of NASA advanced research aircraft.
The F-106 and F-16XL (Upper right)
 Carl made parts for the Vortex Flap experiment in the 1980's.
 View of NASA F-16XL in flight.
McDonnell F-101 VOODOO
Personal Favorite, This example found at Hill AFB.
Zinger has fabricated misc. restoration and display items.