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Specialties Include:
CAD, Dies, Optics, & Drafting
Grinding, Machining, & Broaching
Pneumatics & Prototypes
Hydraulics & Fabrication
Sheet Metal & Model Making
Cutter Grinding & Equipment Racks
Jigs & Fixtures
Mechanical Design
Land & Lot Layouts
Turning & Threading
Wave Guide Fabrication
Research & Development
Architectural Drawings
ISO Documentation Capabilities
Instrument Design & Manufacturing
Aircraft Airframe Structure
Aircraft Instrument Integration

About Our Manufacturing Company

Trust your prototype development to the professionals at Zinger Enterprizes, Inc. Owner Carl "Roddy" Schirtzinger is a fourth generation machinist (preceded by his father, uncles, grandfather, and great grandfather) who has participated in more than 20 published scientific papers. He co-authored two NASA research papers on remote sensing and has received many awards of recognition for his manufacturing work.

ProspectorX - Manufacturing
ProspectorX - Manufacturing

A Recipient of Letters of Accommodation From:

NASA EG&G • Black & Decker™ • Senator Paul SarbanesCongressman Roy Dyson

Roddy has received a project award for the development of the Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM) and has developed four patented products. Zinger Enterprizes developed and built the OASIS robotic platforms (above) and the COBY bouy (left) for the U.S. government. The Voyager, Navigator, Global Explorer, Prospector, AARC,and Excalibur are commercial spinoffs currently in developement. He was certified by the US Department of Labor through the Maryland State Apprenticeship Program in 1975, which includes a 4-year machinist, 2-year tool and die, and 2-year mold and model making apprenticeship.

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